The Mellon Bank - "Who Cares About Rock And Roll?"- RRR 2008


1. The don't Want Us To Play Rock And Roll
2. Dinner Out
3. Swimming With Turtles
4. On Your Own
5. Crazy Baby
6. (I Need You To Be) Sober
7. I don't Want To Change My Mind

The Mellon Bank - S/T - Rev 2005


1. All I Got
2. Baby Bye Bye
3. Drink 'em All
4. Want To Be My Groupie?
5. Release
6. Ya Ya
7. I Wanna Be Yr Cat
8. Mama
9. What You Say
10. Not Enough
11. Sunday Morning (Let's Go Out To The Bar)
12. No Aptitude

Recorded and mixed by Marco Angioni at Audiostudio - Sestu Cagliari - ITALY, between February and July 2005
Produced by The Mellon Bank, distribuited by Rev.

Cover and layout have been designed by Buz, a great italian artist.

Here are some scretches: